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Communications Equipment and Software

Companies which manufacture ground segment equipment and software intended for the professional satellite communications market

2wcom Systems GmbH
AoIP encoders and satellite receivers for audio over satellite distribution systems

A1 Microwave Ltd.
microwave filters and waveguide components

amplifier and RF subsystems; earth stations; network management systems; military terminals

Addvalue Technologies
mobile and IoT satellite communications terminals

ADS International
high performance military motorised antenna systems

Adtec Digital
encoders, modulators, multiplexers and integrated receiver decoders for satellite TV transmission systems

Advanced Microwave Components, Inc. (AMC)
waveguide for satellite earth stations

Advantech Wireless Technologies
solid state powers BUCs (SSPBs); SSPAs; frequency converters; transceivers; test loop translators; LNAs and LNBs; flyaway antennas; SNG antennas; vehicle mounted antennas; antenna controllers

large earth station antennas

Agile Communication Systems (ACS)
manpack terminals; portable terminals; communications on the move antenna systems; quick deploy vehicle mounted antenna systems; transportable terminals; satcoms modems; solid state power BUCs (SSPBs)

AKD Satellite Communications
systems integrator providing mobile satcoms solutions for broadcast, government and maritime users

high power amplifier output assemblies

ALCAN Systems
flat panel antennas

Alpha Satcom
large antennas; VSAT antennas; manpack antennas; land mobile COTM antennas; maritime antennas and flyaway antennas

Amphinicy Technologies
software for installation and commissioning of satcoms terminals and ground station monitoring and control

Amplus Communication
products for VSATs including BUCs, SSPAs, transceivers, frequency converters, LNAs, LNBs, redundancy systems and antennas

AnaCom, Inc.
BUCs; transceivers; SSPAs; frequency converters; redundancy switching

active antenna ICs

Antech Space
large earth station antennas; feed systems; antenna tracking systems; beacon receivers; monitoring and control systems; LNBs; BUCs; SNG antennas

Antenna Research Associates, Inc.
military and commercial satcoms antennas and antenna system components

Antenna Technology Communications Inc (ATCi)
multibeam antennas; antenna feed systems; SSPAs; modulators; cross site fibre optic links; vehicle mounted terminals; signal monitoring systems

Antesky Science Technology Inc
antennas; antenna control units; beacon receivers

antennas and antenna de-icing systems

Apollo Microwaves
passive microwave components and assemblies

Appear TV
video and audio compression and modulators for broadcast uplinking

portable antennas and VSAT terminals

ASP-Equipment (Advanced Space Power Equipment)
TWTAs and electronic power conditioners for TWTAs

AST Microwave
waveguide switches and waveguide products

Astronics Corporation
VSAT terminals and radomes for aircraft

video encoders and multiplexers; integrated receiver decoders

Atlantic Microwave Ltd
satellite simulators; loop test translators; divider trays; line amplifiers; upconverters

AVCOM of Virginia, Inc.
beacon receivers

Iridium voice and data terminals for aircraft

AvL Technologies
mobile satellite antenna systems and positioners

VSAT terminals; IP-over-DVB-S2 receivers; demodulators; IP encapsulator/modulators; transport stream converters; modems

Azure Shine Technology
VSAT antennas and feed assemblies

Baird Mounting Systems
antenna mounts

Ball Aerospace
aeronautical satcoms antennas; tactical SOTM antennas; electronically steerable array (ERA) antennas; optical communications terminals

Baylin Technologies
block upconverters; solid state powers BUCs (SSPBs); SSPAs; frequency converters; passive microwave components; transceivers; test loop translators; LNAs and LNBs; flyaway antennas; SNG antennas; vehicle mounted antennas; antenna controllers

Beam Communications
phone docking stations; telephony and data terminals; modems; transceivers and antennas for the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya systems

Belcom Microwaves
BUCs and passive components

ultra low noise amplifiers; ambient; temperature LNAs; MMIC LNAs; redundancy switching for LNAs; downlink RF equipment; radiometers for noise measurement in ground systems; RF measurement and control software

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT)
cables; cable assemblies; high frequency connectors

Carnegie Satellite Solutions
satellite communications terminals

Carnegie Technologies
satellite communications terminals

C-COM Satellite Systems, Inc.
vehicle mounted antennas, flyaway antennas, fixed motorised antennas


tactical SOTM terminals for vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and UAVs, secure satcoms systems

GeoSat Microwave, Inc
block upconverters (BUCs); low noise blocks (LNBs); block downconverters (BDCs); low noise blocks (LNBs); antennas; microwave accessories including waveguide, bias-tees, waveguide isolators and band pass filters

stabilised VSAT antennas and antenna mounts


Mitsubishi Electric Space Systems
helicopter mounted terminals; vehicle mounted SNG systems; solid state power amplifier block upconverters (SSPA BUCs); solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs); video codecs; modems; maritime VSAT antennas; fixed earth stations

encryption units using quantum keys


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