Space Industry Database

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The Space Industry Database is the largest free space and satellite industry directory on the web.

Space Agencies

Governmental and international agencies responsible for space research, developing satellite technology and encouraging the space industry.

Launch Vehicles and Services

Companies which manufacture launch vehicles and the hardware and software used in them. Also launch service providers, launch sites and other associated services.

Spacecraft Manufacturers

Companies which manufacture complete spacecraft, payloads, buses as well as space segment hardware and software suppliers.

Service Providers

Organisations providing services to the space and satellite industries as well as organisations providing services using satellites.

Universities and Research Centres

Research organisations, often associated with universities, and university departments involved in research relevant to the satellite and space industries, as well as research in astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science.

Regulatory Agencies

Organisations (usually governmental) responsible for the allocation of spectrum, the regulation of satellite communications and launch services, and the issuing of licences.


Government ministries, departments and agencies as well as military organisations.

Manned Space

Organisations supplying services, equipment and software in support of manned spaceflight.

Spacecraft Operators

Organisations which either own or operate spacecraft.

Professional Equipment and Software Suppliers

Companies which manufacture, supply or lease ground segment equipment and software intended primarily for the professional market.

Standards Agencies

National and international agencies responsible for the definition and publishing of standards relevant to the satellite and space industries.

Trade Associations

Trade associations and other groups relevant to the satellite and space industries.